what i wore today

a photo blog of outfits
weather reports said it would be in the 70’s and sunny today….LIES. went out for brunch with insu, allie, and tiff at the cottage on this cloudy dreary day!
wearing a silence + noise pullover sweater over a cotton-on dress with black tights and my f21 black booties 
finally poppin the collar look right with this h&m tank (you can’t see the fabric well but it’s a gorgeous burn-out white fabric) and black sweater on top with a silver collar necklace to add an extra oomph
day two of finals studying
nordstrom oversized cardigan knit sweater, american eagle grey thin sweater, f21 highwaisted dark stretch jean shorts, f21 combat boots
a little bit of one direction, jean shorts, and black combat boots to start off a beautiful sunny day in san diego
first ootd picture in a new room setting….why? i’m no longer in riverside and am now happily enjoying the weather in good old sunny san diego!
black oversized elodie knit cardigan - nordstrom
polka-dot crop top - charlotte russe
black pleated skirt - h&m
my newly dyed/darkened soft black hair looks blue in this pic……
it’s actually navy blue chiffon hohoho
and oh my word, look at those flabby arms -_-